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Barikama – Energy for Africa is a documentary film about sustainable energy supply in Africa, its potential and its challenges.

For this reason we are travelling to Mali, together with the social energy supplier Africa GreenTec. There we will visit a village in the Mandé region, which should receive in a few days a container with solar modules.

We will see for ourselves the work of Africa GreenTec and ask the people there what hopes and concerns they have towards the project. As well as this, we will try to place the events in the international context of development aid, refugee movements, and climate change. In the end however, it should always be the viewer who forms his or her own personal opinion of what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

We would like to approach the situation from an objective viewpoint and observe the village community and their culture eye-to-eye. We hope to experience the idea ‘Barikama’ (Bambara for ‘powerful’) in every sense of the word!

For this theme we could certainly create a television documentary or an image film for Africa GreenTec. Both of these things however would not fit the right requirements. A television production must always follow a certain format, the editor must make it clear from the start, what exactly is to be shown, it must take on a certain perspective. An image film would only be filmed from the point of view of the client. In both cases there would always be a client with a clear specification standing over our shoulder – and so a self-censor.

We don’t want to do that here, it wouldn’t be doing justice to the theme. That is why we would like to approach the funding from a wider basis: just like with the first container, we intend for the film to be financed through crowdfunding.

So that means that YOU are the client – and we are responsible to YOU to deliver a good film at the end.

Everyone who is involved in financing the project will receive regular updates about the progress of the project, exclusive insights into production – and a link to us, the makers of the film. Let us be your eyes and discover anew Africa, electricity supply and social economy, and make a film, the likes of which there has never been before.