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Our Team

We are a team of freelancers from the area of film and consulting, who are used to working with each other and have worked together regularly for many years. A little more about us…



Lars Tepel

To see the world – and to explain it. At least a little: That is my passion and also my drive as a film maker. I am extremely curious – and it is a great privilege that my job brings me into contact with many fascinating people, who are prepared to show me a small part of their world. The biggest attraction? To see and experience a thousand things, which other people only know from the television. Films that deal with (the lasting effects of) energy, climate protection and international justice are particularly dear to me. For the WDR, I was able to report on quite a few climate conferences (among them the Copenhagen Climate Summit and the Conference in Paris) and in doing so I have understood how complex and layered the theme of “climate“ is. To be able to make a film about this on location and to show if it will really help the people living there, is extremely exciting to me.


Jürgen Weißberg

I have been working as a cameraman for over 25 years. I always let myself be challenged by new formulations and content. Whether with television format, magazine contribution, reporting, features or image films: reacting to situations flexibly and with sensitivity and finding a good filmic translation is what appeals to me. Our film project Barikama – Energy for Africa offers this possibility. We want to see – and show to others – if and how it works to bring energy (solar power) to Africa. Just another developmental aid project? Or much more than that? Or something completely new?


Daniel Jäger

When I completed my degree in film in 2006, I already knew that I was more fascinated by people and stories than by calculations. I ended up after this at the theatre house in Dortmund und later took over the free theatre ensemble “komoediehagen“, during which I began editing for television. I went through the demanding training of daily news reels, from which my projects today profit – I think that I can capture images and their moods well and I love it when I can allow stories to unfold. With this project I will have a particularly large responsibility as Editor, as I will be entrusted with a great deal of independence. I am very excited about this!


Max Winter

I am a trained media designer, and this is exactly how I see myself. I have a lot of fun arranging media, which is why I don’t just limit my knowledge to one area. Good tone, beautiful images, an appealing cut, a convincing website. The ’maid-of-all-work’, you could call me. However it is indeed just as important to work in a team. No matter will come out as the end-product, when the team works together complements each other well, it makes not just the product but also the work itself fun. This team will offer exactly that.


Daniela Bilstein

I am a consultant for innovative market entry strategies in developing countries. My company SISLAG’s area of expertise is in environmental technology, such as renewable energy and drinking water preparation. As a communications specialist, I also work in the area of marketing and film, through which I know the other team members. I am very enthusiastic about Barikama – Energy for Africa, as the project covers all the themes that I am interested in. I am very excited about what we will experience in Mali.