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Africa GreenTec

The inspiration for our film “Barikama – Energy for Africa“ came when we filmed a portrait of the Africa GreenTec project for the Energy Awards.

Africa GreenTec is a social start-up, which wants to bring renewable energy to Africa, particularly Mali, in innovative ways. The founders of this family company are Torsten Schreiber and his Malian wife Aida.

It is important to them to separate themselves from classical development aid and to create projects, which support themselves financially. The initial financing for every new project happens through crowd investment.

Africa GreenTec produces containers with integrated solar modules, batteries and if necessary water sanitation equipment as well as internet access. It is possible to set up and take down these containers within several hours, so if necessary they can be easily stored. One container produces electricity for up to 5000 people.

The team from Africa GreenTec have received a lot of praise for their work. Some people have also been critical: is it acceptable to intervene in this way in another culture? And how is it fair that people in Mali with lower incomes should have to pay for their electricity?

With our film we want to pose many questions and allow the audience to form their own opinion.